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Kingdom Hearts 3 Main Story Length Around 50 Hours, Over 80 Hours Long with Side Content

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Main Story Length Around 50 Hours, Over 80 Hours Long with Side Content

Kingdom Hearts 3 has spent an incredibly long time in development, with the developer even acknowledging that it was announced too early. Luckily, Square Enix appears to have created a sizable amount of content to make it worth the wait, as the main game is on track of having one of the longest main campaign in the series.

A Square Enix representative told Geek that the main campaign of Kingdom Hearts 3 will take around 40 to 50 hours to finish. Completing all the side content, such as the various mini-games and collectibles, will give players over 80 hours-worth of total play time.

Some of the fun mini-games players can expect include a cooking game with Ratatouille’s protagonist, a rythm-based mini-game in the Tangled world, and 2D side scrolling games based on the old Mickey Mouse animations, to name a few. Completionists will also have their hands full, as Kingdom Hearts 3 will task players to collect recipes from various worlds, reported geek. Coupled with the game’s RPG aspects and gummi ship building, players have a lot of content to enjoy.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will have the longest story length in the series if it can live up to its 50-hour promise. Based on the data accumulated by How Long to Beat, the average story campaign length for each standalone Kingdom Hearts entry hovers from 20 to 32 hours. Game director Tetsuya Nomura also previously revealed that the team is interested to work on post-launch content, from simple DLCs to expansions, which ultimately extends the overall play time.

It’s possible that the developers are underestimating or overestimating the game’s total play time. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, what matters most is the quality and pacing of both the main campaign and the various side activities, and everyone will only get to test it themselves once Kingdom Hearts 3 hits shelves on Jan. 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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