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Kingdom Hearts III Will Feature Elsa Singing ‘Let It Go,’ No Season Pass Planned

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Kingdom Hearts III Will Feature Elsa Singing ‘Let It Go,’ No Season Pass Planned

Perhaps the best tidbit of news to come out this week, game director Tetsuya Nomura clarified in an interview with Famitsu that Kingdom Hearts III’s Frozen scenario will take place in the same timeline as the movie. In addition to that, he also confirmed that the famous ‘Let It Go’ sequence will also play out in the game itself. Which is fantastic news, because Let It Go is only one of the best songs ever in any Disney movie.

Anyway, the interview also shed more light on other gameplay details we caught a glimpse of during E3 this year. For instance, the cooking mini-game we saw in one of the trailers is tied to Ratatouille, and it can be played in Twilight Town. Nomura also mentioned that the game’s Tangled world will feature a rhythm mini-game. In standard Kingdom Hearts fare, he confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will have a secret movie, which will likely be unlocked by completing the game in Proud or Critical mode.

Lastly, while Nomura did state that DLC and expansions will likely be released post-launch, there are no plans for a season pass. Also, all of that content will only be finalized after they’ve finished the main story.

You can read more about the interview tidbits at Gematsu.

Kingdom Hearts III is set to be released for PS4 and PC on Jan. 29.

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