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Nab Games Like The Banner Saga and STRAFE: Millenium Edition with Twitch Prime


Nab Games Like The Banner Saga and STRAFE: Millenium Edition with Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime offers some impressive benefits. Free 2-day shipping. 5% back on purchases from Whole Foods (if you use your Amazon Prime credit card). Stream tons of movies and shows. And free access to Twitch Prime, which includes ad-free videos and free games and goodies. Do I have your attention yet?

Every month, Twitch gives its Prime members (and by extension Amazon Prime members who link their Amazon and Twitch accounts) a number of free items. While it’s not June just yet (as I write this article), you can log into your Twitch Prime account and grab June’s freebies. And it’s quite a doozy of a lineup.

  • The Banner Saga 1 and 2
    These two games are worth the price of the Twitch/Amazon Prime subscription alone. Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous thanks to the rotoscoping, but they also challenge players’ tactical skills. Even if you didn’t get these games for free, they are must-buys.
  • STRAFE: Millennium Edition
    STRAFE released as less than what it promised: a rogue-like first-person shooter that homages and honors classic games like Doom and Quake. But, ever since it was re-released as the Millennium Edition, it has turned into a standout game that fits right in with publisher Devolver Digital’s other balls to the wall difficult FPS games.
  • Treadnauts
    Treadnauts falls squarely in the “fun and quirky party game” genre. Four players enter an arena with tanks that can stick to walls, jump, and fire rockets. Only one player leaves, either because he or she crushes the opposition or blasts it apart.
  • Tumblestone
    Unlike other puzzle games that involve falling blocks, Tumblestone integrates a match-3 mechanic. Pick three stones of the same color, move on to another set of stones, repeat until you’ve beaten the level or your opponent. It’s much more difficult than it sounds.

These phenomenal games aren’t Twitch’s only offerings for Prime members. You can also grab these items as well:

  • Battlerite: Champion of Enza Bundle
    Not only does this bundle give players immediate access to a champion, but it also comes with a bad ass outfit, pose, and mount.
  • 5 Rare Nexomania Loot Chests
    Heroes of the Storm’s Nexomania event is in full-swing and provides plenty of Lucha Libre madness. These special chests include at least one Nexomania or Sun’s Out, Guns Out item, which is a godsend for anyone who ever wanted to dress up Diablo in a purple mask or give Kharazim boxing gloves.
  • Ultimate Supply Drop Pack
    We covered this item early May, but it’s still available.
  • Weatherworn Regalia Bundle
    Available only for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, this bundle decks out Noctis’ Regalia in some some rust and Twitch Prime deco. The bundle also comes with a rare coin, which can help players gain EXP.

As I write this article, we are in that odd, in-between period where gamers can pick up the freebies for May and June. If you are lucky enough to read this article before June 1st, you can also pick up Psychonauts, High Hell, Gone Home, Clustertruck, Titan Souls, and I, Hope.

To obtain the free games, download the free Twitch Desktop App, navigate to the “My Games” tab, and install. Remember, they will only be available until June 31st, so act (kinda) fast.

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