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Twitch Prime Members Can Pick up Free Cosmetic Items in Call of Duty: WW2

Call of Duty: WWII

Twitch Prime Members Can Pick up Free Cosmetic Items in Call of Duty: WW2

If you’re a Twitch Prime member, you’re probably no stranger to all the goodies you can get just for being one. Previously there were a second Fortnite loot pack announced for Prime members, and now the latest DLC pack is for Prime members who own Call of Duty: WW2.

It’s called the Ultimate Supply Drop Pack, and it comes with a Weapon Charm, Heroic Uniform, Winter and Resistance items, and the guarantee for an Epic item, which should make for five different drops you get, all for free. You won’t be getting any duplicates thanks to the fact that these are Bribes, so you should be guaranteed to get something new to add to your ever-growing cosmetic list, at the very least. Have fun changing up all your outfits and gun designs! Those are pretty addictive to work on once you get started.

Twitch Prime members have actually gotten six Call of Duty: WW2 DLC drops since the game launched, and it’s very simple to get. You just have to make sure your Twitch account has an active Prime subscription, and click the loot icon at the top right of the Twitch page to scroll through all open rewards. You should find the pack there, and you can download it and connect it to your game. Easy-peasy for a quick bundle of free items, right? Keep an eye out for more coming down the line in the next few months.

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