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New Friends Have Joined Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Today


New Friends Have Joined Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Today

New and friendly faces.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting six new villagers, and they even come with new furniture and a new theme. You’ll get to see Stitches the bear, Twiggy the bird, Bob the cat, Francine the rabbit, Merengue the rhino, and Pietro the sheep joining the ranks of your favorite animal friends in-game as soon as you hop online, so it looks like your game just got a little friendlier.

Each new villager has their own set of prerequisites to get them to visit. For example, if you want Bob to visit your camp, you’ll have to have a few kiddie items like kiddie rug and kiddie couch, as well as level 5 friendship and a capsule toy machine. Stitches will need level 5 friendship and kiddie clock, polka-dot rug, and more. Yes, these new friends are a little picky, but you’ll definitely want to get to know them.

You’ll also get to see the new amenities and Hip theme, and complete a set of new Host the Most Timed Goals along with the new villagers joining the party. It’s good to see that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is still amassing plenty of updates and is still doing well amidst Nintendo’s other mobile properties. We’ll probably see more villagers coming for a very long time.


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