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Meet Kirby’s Friends in New Kirby: Star Allies World Trailer


Meet Kirby’s Friends in New Kirby: Star Allies World Trailer

Kirby’s got a lot of friends, and he’s not afraid to use ’em!

Kirby is rounding up his friends for the upcoming Kirby: Star Allies on Nintendo Switch, and there sure are a lot of them! But then Kirby’s always been around friendship and other versions of himself, as evidenced with the recent Kirby: Battle Royale. Kirby: Star Allies will gather all of Kirby’s acquaintances with their own special abilities to help him along the way.

There’s a new trailer straight from the World Hobby Fair Winter 2018 exhibition that shows off some of the friends Kirby’s bringing along for the ride, as well as their special abilities :

Poppy Bros. Jr. – Friend Ability: Toss ice bombs.
Blade Knight – Friend Ability: Power up Kirby’s sword with electricity.
Burning Leo – Friend Ability: Flame attacks.
Parasol Waddle Dee – Friend Ability: Keep everyone safe with an oversized umbrella.
Chilly – Friend Ability: Ice attacks.
Sir Kibble – Friend Ability: Icy sword slashes.
Gim – Friend Ability: A fire-covered yo-yo attack.
Waddle Doo – Friend Ability: A “rattling” electricity attack.

Kirby: Star Allies releases on Nintendo Switch Mar. 16, 2018.


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