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Don’t Expect Nintendo to Push for 4K Visuals or Any Sort of VR Anytime Soon


Don’t Expect Nintendo to Push for 4K Visuals or Any Sort of VR Anytime Soon

Nintendo is always taking the road less traveled by.

Hoping that the next big entry in the Mario Kart series would feature upgraded 4K visuals on the Switch? Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but Nintendo has no plans anytime soon to invest in the “trend” that PlayStation and Microsoft have already adopted – same goes for Nintendo VR games.

Head of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué, spoke with the French publication, Les Numeriques (via Gameinformer), about the company’s stance on implementing VR and 4K for the Nintendo Switch. “If we do the same thing as everyone else, we’re sure to die, since we are smaller than they are,” Lavoué said, speaking about the other competitors. “With the Switch, we have the benefit of allowing for different uses adapted to the lives of our users.” Nintendo has always taken the road less traveled by with their handhelds and with their consoles. They started dual-screen controls with the Nintendo DS, they made motion controls huge with the Wii, and now with the Switch, players are able to take their favorite AAA console games on the go without sacrificing much visual fidelity.

It’s really no surprise to hear that the gaming giant just has no interest with pursuing either of those avenues when it comes to their games. It would be pretty rad to see Zelda and Metroid in 4K in the next few years, but it seems that Nintendo is more focused on putting out high-quality titles for the dedicated fanbase.


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