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You’ll Never See This Awesome New Persona 5 Merch Coming


You’ll Never See This Awesome New Persona 5 Merch Coming

Carry all your goodies in style.

The official Atlus D Shop via the Ebten online shopping network has a whole new bevy of cool stuff, including a striking red clutch bag, pass cases, and more.

The leather clutch bag is bright red with the familiar star pattern from Persona 5, as well as the name of the Tarot cards in Persona 5 on the purse itself. It’ll run you about 9,800 yen so it’s a little pricey, but it looks like it’s worth the money. There’s a similar red key case that you can hold four different keys in with 4 hooks inside, and it’s built out of the same material.

There’s a set of 10 acrylic badges as well, which are based on mask images from the game’s characters. Joker, Panther, and the rest of your favorites are included too, so you can take along your faves with you wherever you go.

The pass cases available feature the Phantom Thieves right before their powered-up attacks and are made with leather and ball chain to help keep your important passes and badges safe.

A whole bevy of different items is available via the store, but you’ll want to make sure you save up to pick up the goodies you want — they run a little high, but they look totally worth it.


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