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Charming Platformer Shu Comes to Nintendo Switch Early Next Year


Charming Platformer Shu Comes to Nintendo Switch Early Next Year

A brilliant addition to the Switch’s indie library.

Publisher Coatsink has announced that its gorgeous 2.5D action-platform game, Shu, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch eShop early next year, Jan. 23.

Developed by Secret Lunch, Shu released back in 2016 for PC and PS4, later making its way to PS Vita earlier this year. The game has enjoyed critical acclaim for its gorgeous hand-drawn art style and tight, fast-paced platforming. Set across six different worlds, each with their own dreamy aesthetic, Shu runs, dashes and glides his way across each level, rescuing his companions along the way. As he does so, his companions all link hands – it’s adorable – and grant players special abilities, such as double jumping. Speed runners will love Shu’s time-challenged stages, and each level has plenty of secrets and collectibles for the completionists out there.

Superb on both Sony’s home and portable consoles, Shu’s short, intense levels should be well suited to quick rounds of portable gaming on Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version will contain the game’s DLC pack, Cavern of the Nightjars.

Coatsink COO Eddie Beardsmore said of the announcement:

“With so many great games arriving on the Nintendo Switch in Fall of 2017-like Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and RIVE-we took some extra time to ensure our much-loved platformer got the treatment it deserved. We’re extremely proud to have Shu running at 60fps in hand-held and docked mode.”

The game will be priced at $9.99 when it launches in January.

Check out the Switch announcement trailer below:


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