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Monster Hunter: World Shares New Details on Guild Cards, Quests, and Bounties

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Monster Hunter: World Shares New Details on Guild Cards, Quests, and Bounties

Lots of post-launch content planned too.

The latest issue of Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu (via Hachima Kikou) has revealed a bevvy of new information regarding Capcom’s upcoming next entry in the super popular Monster Hunter series, appropriately named Monster Hunter: World.

First off, it was revealed that tasks are assigned by researchers and can earn the player rewards such as Armor Spheres and Research Points. The types of bounties are as follows: Registered Bounty, which can be registered from a list at any time, Essential Bounty, which affects the unlocking of facilities, and Distributed Bounty, which is distributed online intermittently. Players can take on a total of six bounties at once if they desire, though they should be warned that some are impossible to take on alone.

Research Quests can occur only when certain underlying conditions are met. The nature of these conditions have yet to be revealed, though it was shared that Research Quests can be discovered simply through exploration.

Guild Cards will be making a return to the series, allowing players to exchange one another’s likenesses in the hopes of one day appearing randomly as an ally on the field to aid in the hunt.

Lastly, it was shared that a couple of new monsters are planned for Monster Hunter: World once the game launches early next year and that limited-time Event Quests will be launched at fixed intervals post release. There are plans for paid content, though the developers have made clear that they won’t affect game progression.

The newest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise is set to release in North America in a little over a month for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release arriving sometime after.

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