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League of Legends Is Getting a New Competitive Mode Called ‘Clash’

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League of Legends Is Getting a New Competitive Mode Called ‘Clash’

Get ready for a new way to go head-to-head.

The latest Riot Pls video out has announced a brand new competitive mode for League of Legends called Clash. It’s scheduled to hit the game in 2018, and it was created especially for remade teams. It’s currently being beta tested at the moment, with its full launch being held back for next year.

Clash will run for a few days at a time in short bursts that you can find being held several times throughout the year. In order to participate, you’ll have to use Blue Essence, RP, or complete missions to let you take part. It doesn’t matter what your team rank is, and you can choose the champions you play with the same way as professional players do by way of drafts. It’s all tailored to feel more like a competitive experience, from the top down.

Right now there aren’t as many details as players might like to see about the mode out in the wild, but there’s a bigger reveal on its way out soon. For now, you can check out the clip where it’s introduced below until Riot decides to let more details slip. That shouldn’t be too far from now. If you’re excited to hear more about Clash, just keep your eyes peeled for future announcements from Riot and their various feeds.


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