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Hideo Kojima Confirmed as a Presenter for The Game Awards 2017

Source: @thegameawards on Twitter
Source: @thegameawards on Twitter

Hideo Kojima Confirmed as a Presenter for The Game Awards 2017

Get your jar-babies ready.

Hideo Kojima, a name known to many as being central to the Metal Gear Solid series and who is currently working on Death Stranding, has been confirmed to be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Game Awards, the official Game Awards Twitter account has confirmed. The event, which will be broadcast on December 7th, features numerous unique figures and announcements for the game industry, and this most recent announcement may be particularly interesting to some.

Kojima’s career in the past few years has been called varying degrees of tumultuous and dramatic, most notably in 2015 around the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, when he and Konami parted ways in a very publicly-facing fashion. A major point of interest around today’s announcement revolves around his lack of attendance to the 2015 Game Awards event, where he was reportedly banned from attending by Konami. Some may remember that Keifer Sutherland, who voice acted Snake in the game, accepted Kojima’s awards on his behalf.

Kojima is now working on Death Stranding, an action game with some particularly interesting and mysterious trailers. The most recent trailer, coincidentally released during last year’s Game Awards event, revealed Mads Mikkelsen as the game’s antagonist. Or, at least, that’s how it was perceived to be in the trailer. With Kojima’s announcement as a presenter for this year’s event and the ongoing pattern of Kojima-related news happening around each year’s Game Awards events, it’s possible that we may see a new trailer or new information regarding the title.

With faces such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro attached to the game, who else would you like to see make an appearance? Feel free to sound off in the comments. The game seems ripe for an Uma Thurman appearance, if you ask me.

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This post was originally authored by Kyle Kreoll.

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