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Monster Hunter Stories Has Made Its Way to Smartphones in Japan

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories Has Made Its Way to Smartphones in Japan

Now you really can play Monster Hunter Stories anywhere.

Fans of the Monster Hunter series know that the games are typically available on consoles. Well, that has changed now that Capcom has released Monster Hunter Stories in Japan for iOS and Andriod devices.

Monster Hunter Stories has already been out on the 3DS for some time now. Gamers in Japan were able to grab it in 2016 while players in the US and EU had to wait until just this last September.

Although there is currently no date for when gamers worldwide could expect Monster Hunter Stories in their App Stores or when it would be available for download from Google Play, gamers in Japan can pick up the game right now. And, if you aren’t sure about the title, just like with the 3DS release, a demo has been made available alongside it. Just know that the demo is being called Monster Hunter Stories: Tabidachi no Shou, which translates to The Departure Chapter.

And for anyone worried about how the game will play on a phone as opposed to Nintendo’s handheld systems, Capcom has reworked the UI. The game also features HD graphics and an auto-save function.

And, in order to spread the word, Capcom has released a new trailer showing off the smartphone version of Monster Hunter Stories.

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