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You Can Buy Some Fake Land for Real Money in Star Citizen Right Now

Star Citizen

You Can Buy Some Fake Land for Real Money in Star Citizen Right Now

Part with real money for digital goods now.

No, Star Citizen isn’t finished yet, but you can buy stuff in the game if you’re keen on spending real money on digital plots of land that can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial use — your choice. It’s all part of a crowdfunding bid that’s available for players, which lets anyone choose their own small piece of land to do with what they want.

The land is a single 4km x 4km or 8km x 8km plot to put what you want where. They run $50 or $100 and will go toward the development of Star Citizen. If you don’t want to spend money on the plots, you can instead grab the land using special credits, like the 4km x 4km as lots and 8km x 8km as estates.

When the land claims are live in the game, you can start looking for areas to place your land. No one will actually get to place their squares before the mechanic has been made available, so supposedly everyone will be on equal ground when the land is available to snatch up.

There’s more info on the process and the entire setup over at the official Star Citizen site, if you’re so inclined to make a purchase.


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