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This Super Mario Odyssey Glitch Borks the Jump Rope Minigame


This Super Mario Odyssey Glitch Borks the Jump Rope Minigame

Jump rope, Super Star!

If you’ve ever played the jump rope mini game in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ve probably sneaked a peek at the leaderboards and wondered how in the world folks could possibly have made so many record-breaking attempts. Beyond getting the “Jump-Rope Genius” Power Moon, it’s a fun little game that people have (unsurprisingly) already broken.

There’s a glitch in the game that lets you use Cappy to trigger it, letting you power through to get the Power Moon and get a ton of jumps to put you on the clock. Using Twitter user FourScore64’s method, you’ll first throw Cap over Talkatoon and talk to him before the hat gets to the bird. Then run to the sidewalk in the left side of the park before jumping into the jump rope area. Press R and ZR at the same time, and you’ll see Mario frozen in the air. Let the game sit for a few hours, and you’ll reach 99,999 jumps — roughly 15 hours, according to FourScore64.

No more wondering on how to get through the Power Moon you need from the mini game, but it does tend to ruin the leaderboards for jumping rope based on skill. It’s still a pretty cool little glitch, though.



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