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Mojang Is Letting Fans Vote on the Next Minecraft Mob

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Mojang Is Letting Fans Vote on the Next Minecraft Mob

Which mob would you vote for?

Minecon Earth is happening very, very soon. As in Nov. 18 soon. And Mojang has announced that at the event, fans will be able to cast their votes in favor of four different mobs to determine which one will be brought into Minecraft.

That’s right, only one will make it. So let’s talk about the four different mobs, shall we?

Mob A is currently being called “The Monster of the Ocean Depths” and, yes, it will attack you.

The monster will attack you with its tongue-like tentacle to pull you down and drown you. It spawns in deep waters and uses its large mouth to propel itself forward.

Mob B is currently called “The Monster of the Night Skies” but is honestly a pretty cute monster.

This manta-ray-like monster is a flying creature that spawns at high altitudes. It is attracted to insomnia, and will find players who haven’t slept for many days.

Mob C is “The Great Hunger” and is also super cute. And also super deadly.

This cute-looking mob has a huge mouth and a great appetite for enchanting powers. It will open its huge jaw and sink into the ground where it camouflages itself. Any mobs or items that fall into its mouth will be consumed.

Mob D is known as “The Hovering Inferno” and is a step up from a Blaze.

This is a master Blaze, with body parts, [that] look like shields, used to defend itself. The Hovering Inferno spawns with a group of blazes as a random encounter in the Nether.

You can view Minecon Earth at Minecraft’s official site with a pre-show starting at 11:40 am EST and the main event kicking off at Noon.

Minecraft is currently available on just about every current-gen platform.

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