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Gran Turismo Sport’s December Update Adds Traditional Single-Player Campaign

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport’s December Update Adds Traditional Single-Player Campaign

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Polyphony Digital will finally add a much-needed traditional single-player campaign for Gran Turismo Sport in December, and gamers don’t have to shell out their hard-earned money to join in on the fun.

As posted on the PlayStation Blog, the brand new single-player campaign called “GT League” is based on the previous rank-based racing leagues in previous entries. With this addition, players can feel a sense of progression by simply climbing through the leagues. There’s also a huge Credits reward for landing in the pole position.

The leagues in Gran Turismo Sport’s GT League include Beginner League, Amateur League, Professional League, and Endurance League. More races in each leagues will be added throughout 2018. Aside from the GT League, Gran Turismo Sport’s free December update will also add 12 new vehicles.

The addition of GT League will likely address the concern of fans who aren’t fond of Gran Turismo Sport’s thrust as a multiplayer-centric racer. Without GT League, players had no option to experience a traditional linear campaign with full-length races. If players wanted to race offline outside of the campaign mode that has specific challenges, they would have to create a custom race in Arcade mode.

For those who can’t wait for the GT League update, Polyphony Digital has something in store next week for those who prefer to play offline. Gran Turismo Sport’s patch 1.06 scheduled for November 27 will add three new vehicles and the option to use the Livery Editor, Scapes, and the tutorial-like campaign modes. However, connecting to the internet is still required to save your progress.

Polyphony Digital has promised much more content next year, including approximately 50 new car additions and new tracks to race in.

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