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Fallout 4’s Xbox One X Update Is Now Available


Fallout 4’s Xbox One X Update Is Now Available

A prettier wasteland.

Microsoft’s powerhouse Xbox One X has been on store shelves for almost a month now, and Bethesda has now released a Fallout 4 update to make use of the added power.

The news comes via a tweet from the official Fallout Twitter account. Fallout 4’s Xbox One X update adds in 4K resolution support and a number of other graphical enhancements such as dynamic resolution, enhanced draw distance for trees, grass, objects, and NPCs, and enhanced God Ray effects.

These enhancements fall largely in line with what we’ve seen from Bethesda’s other titles on the Xbox One X such as Skyrim Special Edition and Dishonored 2. You can check out the full list of Xbox One X enhancements for Bethesda’s games over on their blog here.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X released earlier this year on Nov. 7 for $499. You can check out our thoughts on the supercharged Xbox One X in our review here.

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