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The Best New Sims 4 Mods of October 2017


The Best New Sims 4 Mods of October 2017

The Sims 4 went through yet another Halloween month this October, and it’s time to take a look back at the accomplishments from the mod community. Here are some of the best mods from October 2017 for The Sims 4. This is all ahead of Cats & Dogs’ release, so let’s get them all downloaded and locked down before a whole new set of mods come onto the scene!

Halloween Mods

The Best Sims 4 Mods For October 2017

There were a set of mods all released with the spookiness in mind. They’re all decor items that will help your sims throw an extra special Costume Party in the game. Here are some to get you started!

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