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Sony Claims PlayStation VR’s “Best Is yet to Come”

Updated PS VR has integrated headphones

Sony Claims PlayStation VR’s “Best Is yet to Come”

Well, it certainly hasn’t come yet.

PlayStation VR turned one year old today, and while more than a million consumers have purchased a headset in the last 365, few would likely say PSVR has really taken off. In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, however, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden has promised a bright future for the virtual reality headset.

“I can tell you the best is yet to come,” wrote Layden after claiming that “the best and brightest are extremely excited about” virtual reality. “The biggest game developers and innovative independent developers have helped establish a rapidly growing PSVR game catalog that rivals PS4’s at the same point in its lifespan,” added Layden.

The Sony executive promised that more than 60 new PSVR titles will arrive between now and a somewhat vague “beginning of 2018” period.

Continuing, Layden expressed confidence in virtual reality being the future of video games, but he admitted that getting there won’t be easy. Unlike with traditional video game development, there isn’t a huge pool of virtual reality successes and failures to learn from and iterate on.

“Building the future of VR is a lot like creating a new language. Or maybe even an entirely new alphabet!” claimed Layden.

“Of course we’re still drawing from the long, proud history of traditional video games development — but VR’s unique capabilities mean developing entirely different levels of artistry and engineering,” he continued. “Making VR a mainstream sensation will require the full efforts of our very best and brightest.”

Earlier this month, Sony announced an improved version of PSVR. Sony’s headset is the leader in virtual reality sales, passing one million in June, but Sony may now face renewed competition from Facebook’s cheaper, standalone Occulus Go headset.


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