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Shadow of War PC Players Are Using Cheats to Get Infinite Loot Boxes

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Shadow of War PC Players Are Using Cheats to Get Infinite Loot Boxes

They work on uncracked versions of the game, too.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War players on PC are using scripts from Cheat Engine in order to bypass the game’s loot chest system. By giving themselves unlimited in-game currency called Mirian, these users are supplying themselves with an infinite amount of uruks and gear.

PC players of Shadow of War have also found cheats to manipulate other factors, giving themselves unlimited health, arrows, focus, might, and quick kills, instantaneous rage, and substantial experience gains from combat. The cheats are used in such a way that they change the game’s save files, meaning they could work on uncracked versions of the game, too.

Mirian is not the premium currency in Shadow of War; rather, that distinction belongs to Gold. This being said, the cheats allow players to obtain so much Mirian to the point where it’s very possible to summon the best armies and obtain enough powerful weaponry to get through the game with ease.

Though microtransactions in Shadow of War are optional and unobtrusive, fans of the gaming industry have been in uproar over their continued implementation. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon – evidenced best in Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer beta this past weekend – and fans clearly aren’t happy.

Users on NeoGAF are currently debating on the ethics of manipulating the title’s files just to undercut the recent trend of loot crates and other in-game transactions. While some claim that it’s outright theft, others defend that the cheats are simply fun ways to enjoy Shadow of War like in games of the past.

It remains to the seen if publisher WB will be taking any action against these alleged cheaters.

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