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Pour One Out for Lego Dimensions, as It’s Officially Been Canceled

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Pour One Out for Lego Dimensions, as It’s Officially Been Canceled

Bricking up is hard to do.

Lego Dimensions spent a full two years creating playsets with over 30 different properties, bringing players a colorful world to explore. But now that time has ended, as the official closure of Lego Dimensions has finally come. It was a good run, much like that of Disney Infinity, but now the game is officially being shuttered.

TT Games has announced that it will continue to keep the servers alive for the toys-to-life title, as well as offer support for the figures and game already out in the wild, but there won’t be any additional figures or expansion sets being made for the game going forward.

The game was originally supposed to run for a three-year cycle with additional properties adding to a third season of content, but unfortunately that was not the case this time around. With characters like The Powerpuff Girls, Beetlejuice, Scooby-Doo, and even Doctor Who, the Lego Dimensions universe was the most diverse of the toys-to-life genre, having made it past even Skylanders and Disney Infinity, though we could still see a resurgence of Skylanders in the future.

If you’ve still got your toys, break them out and have a little fun. And remember that these kinds of trends always tend to die out in the end.


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