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Hearthstone Players Get a Special Halloween Treat


Hearthstone Players Get a Special Halloween Treat

Cards instead of candy.

There’s a new hero coming to Hearthstone this Halloween as of Oct. 17. If you’re looking to expand your collection, you’re going to want to play Hearthstone around the spookiest time of the year.

The new hero’s name is Warlock Nemsy Necrofizzle, and she’ll be available at any Fireside Gathering Tavern, up for grabs. Nemsy herself hails from the Whispers of the Old Gods’ Bog Creeper card, and now she can be yours!


To bring Nemsy home, you’ll need to take part in a Fireside Brawl at a Fireside Gathering Tavern. You’ll have to venture out into the real world to find one of these Taverns but checking out the Fireside Gatherings site. Once there, you’ll play out one of the Fireside Brawls, which is a game of Tag Team. You’ll play with others in your area for games of 3v3, if there are actually players around to play with, anyway.

Your reward of course is Nemsy, which is a pretty cool spoil if you’re looking to expand your collection. Let us know in the comments below if you end up picking her up!


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