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GTA Online’s Transform Races Coming in Update Next Week


GTA Online’s Transform Races Coming in Update Next Week

Races that keep you on your toes.

Rockstar has released a trailer for its latest game mode, Transform Races, in Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer component GTA Online. Check it out below.

The new stunt races, teased since the Smuggler’s Run update last August, change the player’s vehicle after clearing specific checkpoints. Players might start a race in supercars, then change to jet skis, then change to motorcycles, and end in stunt planes all in one race.

The tracks in Transform Races shift constantly to accommodate the vehicle, so players will not end up trying to drive a boat on a flat road. Although, some checkpoints can teleport players to a completely different location during the race.

Also planned to be coming in the update is the Batmobile-styled vehicle Vigilante, a new supercar, and a slightly different Hunter attack helicopter. Manhunt-like Condemned and Dogfight aerial battle game modes will be included in the update as well.

The Transform Races update launches for GTA Online on Tuesday, Oct. 17.


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