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Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Huge Day One Patch

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Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Huge Day One Patch

You can still play without going online.

If you want to play all of Gran Turismo Sport’s available tracks offline or online, you’ll first need to download a hefty day one patch. After Gran Turismo Sport’s servers went online, Polyphony Digital released a whopping 12GB update.

Only playable without the patch are the various arcade modes alongside the five tracks made available in the game’s limited time demo: Northern Isle Speedway, Dragon Trail – Seaside, Dragon Trail – Seaside II, Colorado Springs – Lake, and Colorado Springs – Lake II. While you don’t need to be online to access all available courses, majority of them are level-locked. For example, you need to reach level 20 to race in any of the Nürburgring tracks.

Regardless of the activities you participate in, you won’t earn any in-game money without the day one patch installed.

Patch notes for Gran Turismo Sport’s update 1.02 is still unavailable, but we’ll update this story once Polyphony Digital announces its contents. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, some of the day one patch features include bug fixes, level design tweaks, updated reward sequence, and updated car data to support rain conditions during races.

While Gran Turismo Sport has only been released a few hours ago, Polyphony Digital has already listed a few issues it plans to fix in a future update. Below is the full list of known issues as listed on the game’s website:

  • Gamesave
    – When the save button is pressed to save, there are cases in which the transmission to the server fails.
    – This can be alleviated by playing the game for approximately 15 minutes after starting the game.
  • When the email address is repeatedly deleted, the game stops.
    – In “Email address” of “Options”, if the “Delete Email address” action is repeated, the game comes to a stop.
  • The game freezes when participating in a drift trial using a car with a custom color chip.
    – If the exterior is edited in the livery editor with a custom color chip and the player participates in a drift trial, the game freezes after displaying the results.
  • Steering Controller
    – There have been cases where the H Pattern shifter THRUSTMASTER® TH8A is not recognized properly.
  • On the Thrustmaster T500RS steering controller, we will correct the issue where there is excessive vibration when turning the steering wheel over a certain amount (causing understeer).
  • We will increase the steering speed on the standard DualShock 4 controller to improve controllability while oversteering and drifting.

Gran Turismo Sport is exclusively available on the PS4. Progress in the limited time demo will be carried over to the full game.

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