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Pokemon Go Is Extending the Equinox Event Due to Server Issues

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Pokemon Go Is Extending the Equinox Event Due to Server Issues

Reap those Fall rewards for an extra 24 hours!

Trainers, pick up your phones and get out there! Pokemon Go is running its Equinox Event a bit longer after many users worldwide have experienced issues logging into the mobile game.

Originally running from Sept. 22 through Oct. 2, the event will now be extended by an additional 24 hours. That means you will be able to reap the rewards of this in-game event until Oct. 3 at 1 pm PST.

During the course of the Equinox celebration, there are opportunities to catch the three legendary doggos from the second generation of Pokemon games. There are also numerous EX Raid Battles that could net users the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Seeing as how both of these opportunities were for a limited time only with no word if Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Mewtwo would ever be returning to Pokemon Go after these ongoing events, the server issues were kind of a big deal. Though problems connecting to the popular alternate-reality title aren’t new in the slightest. Users of Pokemon Go have experienced these issues time and time again, but with the event being extended hopefully, all of those who were affected will still be able to accomplish everything they wanted to during this event.

Currently, trainers playing the game can earn triple experience as well as special Eggs as they pass by PokeStops. They can also earn additional Stardust and have access to special boxes that include the new Super Incubator that those looking to hatch Eggs earned in the event may have their eye on.

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