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Destiny 2 Players Will No Longer Have to Search for Xur


Destiny 2 Players Will No Longer Have to Search for Xur

The search is over.

Destiny 2 players are just now able to interact with merchant Xur in-game, after waiting an extra week before being able to seek him out and purchase items from him in-game. The merchant is finally in-game, and he will show up on planets within Patrol zones, so you’ll have to go to him outside of the social spots if you want to purchase his wares.

But instead of having to look all around the game’s various planets for Xur, you can actually set a waypoint to reach him if you so desire, or look at the Director screen to figure out where he might be hanging out.

Xur will sell you Exotics, which you need to pay for with Legendary Shards, that you can get by taking apart Legendary and Exotic items you obtain during the week.

This change is obviously a little jarring for those who had been expecting a bit of a challenge, looking all over Destiny 2 for the seller. It does make things much easier and more convenient, however, which is sometimes all you need to improve things that can be a little frustrating sometimes.

For the foreseeable future, Xur will be coming back every Friday and will stay in-game until Sunday. He’s around now if you want to see what he’s up to and if any of his wares pique your interest.


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