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CS:GO Is Finally Available in China and Free-To-Play for Anyone Living There

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CS:GO Is Finally Available in China and Free-To-Play for Anyone Living There

Valve making it rain copies of CS:GO!

Due to a business deal with Perfect World, a publishing company in China, Valve has brought Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to mainland China. As a celebration and to usher in new players, CS:GO is also currently free-to-play for gamers who take the time to create an account with Perfect World and answer some questions proving that they do, in fact, live in China. However, for anyone who doesn’t want to create a Perfect World account and verify their identity, CS:GO can also be purchased without going through these steps.

Either way, the free-to-play status of the game is not the only perk for citizens of China, there is also content that they will be getting before anyone else. One graffiti pattern and a couple of stickers to be exact. But this is only for members who sign up and play during the first month. Another cool benefit is that each of these gamers will be bumped up to Prime status, allowing them to enjoy Prime matchmaking and access to fast servers.

Being able to release CS:GO in China is big news for Valve and their supporters as this allows them to not only compete with the popular free-to-play shooter CrossFire, but it may also allow them to reclaim the top spot from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam as having the most active player-base. There is a clever way of saying killing two birds with one stone that better applies to this scenario. Taking two countries with one game maybe?

Happy killing and happy grinding China! It’s been a long time coming.

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