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Wild West Online Can’t Shake Red Dead Comparisons Ahead of Closed Alpha in September


Wild West Online Can’t Shake Red Dead Comparisons Ahead of Closed Alpha in September

This town ain’t big enough for the both of ya…. or is it?

Western MMO Wild West Online is gearing up for its closed alpha this September where players will finally get a feel for the mechanics and the world they will be tasked with exploring. If you want to get an early start on what has previously been marketed as the Red Dead alternative for PC players, you’ll have to pre-order Wild West Online first. There are multiple different packages to choose from but what package you decide to go with will determine what all you end up having access to ahead of the game’s actual launch. If you want to be a part of the closed alpha, you’ll have to purchase the Pioneer edition or the Collector edition. The Pioneer edition, which is currently on sale for $39.99, will grant you access to the closed alpha and the closed beta. If you opt for the Collectors edition, which is also on sale right now but boasts a price tag of $59.99, you’ll have access to the closed alpha as well as early access to the closed beta. You’ll also be granted early access to the game ahead of its actual launch date.

The closed alpha is slated to kick off on September 15, which will mark the end of the sale prices. So if you’re eager to embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl, you may want to take advantage of the current discounts. If you decide to pre-order the game, however, keep in mind that you are opting to play a very incomplete version of the game. The game’s website warns players not to pre-order and participate in the closed alpha if they don’t think they’ll be able to keep that in mind when providing feedback about the game’s early stages.

“Before you decide to preorder, we encourage you to be absolutely sure you want to play and support this game in its Alpha and Beta stages, when all the kinks are still being worked out and features won’t be complete,” the site warns. “We’ll need your positive feedback to help make the game even better, so we want you to understand what you’re getting into.”

It’s a fair warning but it’s hard to ignore the fact that 612 Games will need to be prepared for what they’re “getting into” as well. Wild West Online is a game that very closely resembles the Red Dead games and that has hardly gone unnoticed. In fact, devs even told IGN that they are hoping to capitalize on the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not be available for gamers on PC. That kind of comment suggests that Wild West Online could possibly fill the Red Dead void that PC players have had for years if they didn’t also have a console. That is one seriously tall order to fill and not everyone is sure that Wild West Online is up to the task. Of course, the closed alpha will provide our very first in-depth look at just how much potential the game might have. For now, it’s hard to say whether or not all the Red Dead comparisons will harm or help Wild West Online. If YouTube comments are any indication, 612 Games might want to find a different way to market this game. But, then again, when have YouTube comments ever been completely trustworthy?

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