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Take the Fight on the Road With Tekken Mobile for iOS and Android


Take the Fight on the Road With Tekken Mobile for iOS and Android

Take your favorite fighters on the go.

Bandai Namco is letting players take the fight with them with them on the go with a new mobile fighting game. You may have heard of it. It’s named after a little fighting game called Tekken. Oh, you have heard of it? You’re in luck, then. The mobile game just soft-launched in Canada on the iOS App Store today, but it’s still in the works for the rest of us.

The game features over 100 characters you can collect, including favorites like Kazuya, Nina, Law, Paul and more as you work through the game to gather and battle against Tekken mainstays. You can explore the game’s story mode and battle your way across a map-based campaign with different bosses and missions or take the fight to friends and strangers online. There’s even ranked play if you think you’re up to it, with the ability to record and upload your own fighting styles.

In addition, there are themed events each day, each week, and each month. Said events will offer different rare characters and content you can only get during those times as well. It should be packed to the brim with things both Tekken and fighting game lovers in general love, so better start gearing up for the worldwide release when that rolls around.


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