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Overwatch Console Report Feature To Be Included in Deathmatch Update

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Overwatch Console Report Feature To Be Included in Deathmatch Update

Report offenders with a press of a button.

Formerly exclusive to the PC version, a report button will become available for Overwatch players on PS4 and Xbox One once patch 1.14 rolls out.

Announced by Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the game’s official forum, the next Overwatch console update will include the report feature alongside the addition of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes in Arcade. Kaplan stressed that the team’s reporting system is still a work in progress, which means “improvements will continue over time.”

Getting reported will not result in an immediate ban. According to Kaplan, those who get reported often will receive “increased punishments.”

Kaplan also confirmed that console players who report an offender will receive an email notification when their report “results in a disciplinary action,” which the team is still experimenting on. Eventually, the team hopes to show successful reports in-game.

Since the game launched last year, countless players have experienced being trolled and smurfed online. The console version previously had an “avoid player button,” but it has since been removed after many abused the feature by avoiding skilled players. A “prefer player” was then added by Blizzard, but some have used it for trolling fellow teammates, such as putting Symettra’s portal near cliffs or using Mei’s ice wall ability to prevent teammates from moving. Aside from trolling, the competitive mode of Overwatch has also been overrun by rage quitters and players who smurf.

No exact date has been announced regarding Overwatch update 1.14’s release date. However, we will likely hear about the patch soon as Blizzard will hold a Gamescom presentation next week. A new map will also be revealed at Blizzard’s presentation.

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