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Take Home Your Very Own Joker Figure From Persona 5


Take Home Your Very Own Joker Figure From Persona 5

Lookin’ cool, Joker.

Persona 5’s protagonist, codenamed Joker, is getting his own figma figure from Goodsmile, and it’s available from Max Factory to import now. For about $60, you can have your own Joker to display in your own home, but make sure you don’t have a heart that needs stealing when you decide to bring him there.

Joker comes with three different kinds of faces you can swap out, as well as a knife and gun and special Morgana figure. You can use Morgana to make Joker go to bed when he’s staying up too late or doing anything Morgana thinks he shouldn’t be doing, like anything at all other than going to bed, studying, or cleaning.

You can also get a special “sparkly eye” part for Morgana via the Goodsmile shop, but then Morgana may be too cute for words.

Check out the figure here and get your preorder on if you want to start what should be the beginning of an awesome Persona 5 figure collection. This should absolutely make the crowning glory of said collection.


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