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Persona 5: All Confidant Answers (Max Social Links Guide)

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Persona 5: All Confidant Answers (Max Social Links Guide)

Persona 5 Confidant Answers to Max Social Links

While playing through Persona 5 you’ll meet and obtain several different Confidants (there are 21 in total). These NPCs each share a common interest of yours, whether it’s how they feel about the world, a goal they may have, or some other driving force. While some are strengthened automatically, a lot of them require you to hang out and have conversations with them to progress the relationship and strengthen the bond.

Strengthening the bond ranks up the Confidant and can unlock useful abilities for you and your party. While some are better than others, you will want collect and max them all out if you’re looking to get the Platinum trophy in Persona 5. We’ll go through each Confidant and let you know the best answer for each as well as of any romance options.

The dates given for certain ranks are the earliest possible dates for that rank, you don’t have to necessarily show up on that day. We’ll also provide any other requirements such as specific Social Stats or completed missions.

To make this guide easier to use and avoid any useless words, we’ll only share the best confident answers:. We’ll also only share answers for the exchanges that matter. For example. If you see a rank only have “Answer 3” that means only the third time you’re able to speak matters, and you should choose the option stated.

The Confidants are ordered by their Arcana:

  • O The Fool, Igor
  • I The Magician, Morgana
  • II The Priestess, Makoto Niijima
  • III The Empress, Haru Okumura
  • IV The Emperor, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • V The HIerophant, Sojiro Sakura
  • VI The Lovers, Ann Takamaki
  • VII The Chariot, Ryuji Sakamoto
  • VIII Justice, Goro Akechi
  • IX The Hermit, Futaba Sakura
  • X Fortune, Chihaya Mifune
  • XI Strength, Caroline and Justine
  • XII The Hanged Man, Nunehisa Iwai
  • XIII Death, Tae Takemi
  • XIV Temperance, Sadayo Kawakami
  • XV The Devil, Ichiko Ohya
  • XVI The Tower, Shinya Oda
  • XVII The Star, Hifumi Togo
  • XVIII The Moon, Yuuki Mishima
  • XIX The Sun, Toranosuke Yoshida
  • XX Judgement, Sae Niijima

O The Fool (Igor)

Persona 5 Confidant Answers to Max Social Links

There are no conversation options for Igor that effect the progression of this Confidant. Instead, he is directly tied to your progress in the story. If you’re still curious as to when you can expect his rank to go up, check below:

Rank 1 : 4/12 (Unlocks Wild Talk, Arcana Burst)

Rank 2: Enter first Palace (Unlocks Third Eye)

Rank 3: 5/5 (Unlocks Power Stock)

Rank 4: Complete second Palace

Rank 5: 6/11 (Unlocks Super Stock)

Rank 6: Complete fourth Palace (Unlocks High Arcana Burst)

Rank 7: 8/22

Rank 8: 8/31 (Unlocks Ultra Stock)

Rank 9: 10/11

Rank 10: 12/24 (Unlocks Max Arcana Bursting)

Reaching Rank 10 with Igor unlocks the ultimate Fool Persona, Vishnu, for fusion.

I The Magician (Morgana)

Persona 5 Confidant Answers to Max Social Links

Like with Igor, Morgana doesn’t have any special conversation options that can progress the advancement of the Magician Confidant, so there are no answers here for you. However, like with the Fool, we’ll share when you can expect your upgrades:

Rank 1 : 5/15 (Unlocks Infiltration Tools)

Rank 2: Complete first Palace (Unlocks Baton Pass)

Rank 3: Complete Second Palace (Unlocks Follow Up)

Rank 4: 6/20 (Unlocks Kitty Talk)

Rank 5: Complete third Palace (Unlocks Pickpocket)

Rank 6: 7/25 (Unlocks Ace Tools)

Rank 7: 8/29 (Unlocks Harisen Recovery)

Rank 8: 9/17 (Unlocks Endure)

Rank 9: Complete fifth Palace (Unlocks Protect)

Rank 10: 12/23 (Second Awakening)

Morgana’s Persona will transform to its most powerful form, Fusunushi, and you’ll also be able to create it through fusion.

II The Priestess (Makoto Niijima)

Persona 5 Confidant Answers to Max Social Links

Makoto Niijima is a fellow student at Shujin Academy. She’s the student council president, and seems to be against you at first. It turns out that she’s being used and can become a good friend, even a romance option. Here are her confidant answers:

Rank 1 : 6/24, Need Knowledge Rank 3 (Scholarly), Unlocks Shadow Calculus

There are no Confidant answers for this rank, just talk to her by the Student Council Office.

Rank 2: Unlocks Baton Pass

  1. “You’re very well informed.”
  2. “That was dangerous.”

Rank 3: Unlocks Brainiac Talk

  1. “You have the wrong idea.”
  2. “You can change.”

Rank 4: Unlocks Follow Up

  1. “That’s unlike you.”
  2. “Why do you use it?”
  3. “That’s an amazing goal.”

Rank 5:

  1. “He sounds suspicious.”
  2. “I got this.”

Rank 6: Requires Charm Rank 5, Unlocks Harisen Recovery

  1. “Love comes in many forms.”

Rank 7: Unlocks Shadow Factorization

  • (Answer 4) “That’s a horrible story” or “He was a noble man”

Rank 8: Unlocks Endure

  • (Answer 2) “Absolutely”

Rank 9: Unlocks Protect, Chance for romance

Answer 3 – “That was the right move.”

Answer 4 – “I’m a regular here” or “It’s a popular meeting spot”

Answer 5 for friendhsip – “You’ll find someone someday.”

Answer 5 for romance – “I’ll be your study partner.”

If you choose romance you will get another dialogue option that can reverse the romance or keep it going.

Answer 6 – “I do.” (to keep the romance), “That’s not what I meant.” (to revert to friendship)

Rank 10: Unlocks Second Awakening

Your answers for this have no consequences so pick what you want. Upon reaching this rank, Makoto’s Persona will take it’s true, most powerful form as Cybele, and you’ll be able to make one through fusion.

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