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Swery65’s The Good Life Trailer Has Murder, Cats, and Stock Footage

The Good Life cat


Swery65’s The Good Life Trailer Has Murder, Cats, and Stock Footage

Welcome to The Good Life

Swery65 looks to be bringing the supernatural, surreal, weirdness he’s famous for to his latest title, The Good Life, if this new trailer is any indicator. While there’s not a lot of actual game shown in the trailer, it is in its formative stages, after all, there is an interesting plot already taking shape.

In a tiny English town, a woman is found murdered, and players must take the role of Naomi to solve the mystery behind her death. This village is holding a secret even bigger than murder though, one that Naomi shares with them.

At night everyone in the tiny hamlet turns into a cat. The reason why hasn’t been revealed yet, but hey cats are cute, so I’m in. As Naomi, you’ll have to utilize both your cat and human forms to search areas. Some places people can’t fit into or jump up to are no problem for a small, agile feline. However, if something needs to be moved, or doors need to be opened, you’re going to have to go it as a human.

The Good Life will be the first game from Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro’s new studio White Owls which opened earlier this year. He says that the title will channel the spirit of his cult classic Deadly Premonition, and introduce gamers to a new kind of gameplay.

Beginning September 2, The Good Life will launch its crowdfunding campaign on Fig. If you want to back it, you can head over there and put down some cash then.


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