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Konami Dishes Out More Details, New Screenshots on Metal Gear Survive at Gamescom 2017


Konami Dishes Out More Details, New Screenshots on Metal Gear Survive at Gamescom 2017

A lot of co-op focus

When the idea of a survival game spinoff of Metal Gear Solid first started floating around in the air, it was a rather divisive matter. You whether loved the idea or broke out into a fit of knee-slapping laughter. I was the latter. The more information that is revealed about Metal Gear Survive, however, the far more hushed my giggles become. The new Metal Gear Survive screenshots and updated fact sheet that Konami released during Gamescom 2017 proved to be no exception to the rule.

The Metal Gear Solid V spin-off game is all about the “free spirit of exploration” and “strategic co-op gameplay,” according to the new fact sheet. As expected, Metal Gear Survive takes place in an alternative universe so nothing about the game’s content should be considered canon in relation to the original series. Like most survival games, Metal Gear Survive will also require quite a bit of crafting and building. You’ll need to use scavenged materials to create new weapons, gear and other useful items while also spending time building up your base camp. This base will also serve as your rendezvous point if you want to strategize for upcoming missions.

Also, if you were worried that helping out your friends would be a thankless job, rest assured that you won’t be teaming up with others in vain. The fact sheet explains that “character progress and gear carries between the two modes (single and co-op).” So feel free to help out your friends—or strangers for that matter. Either way, you’re going to walk away with something for your troubles.

As for how the game’s visuals are shaping up so far, Konami has been rather busy lately. The new screenshots show just how far along the game has come. The tone for this title is pretty dark with a muted color palette, which serves as a reminder that this is still a Metal Gear game at heart. It’s looking like a big “so far, so good” for Metal Gear Survive right now. The game is slated to come to Xbox One, PC and PS4 in 2018.

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