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The Super NES Classic Will Let You Rewind Sections You Need Another Try At


The Super NES Classic Will Let You Rewind Sections You Need Another Try At

Twice is just as nice.

You can’t go back and grab a Super NES Classic from one of the various retailers that put it up for grabs early this morning, but you’ll be able to rewind your games with the system itself. In a brand new trailer showing off some of Super NES Classic Edition’s features, it was revealed that a new “Rewind” ability will let you go back up to a few minutes to redo an action in your game.

This will apparently vary from game to game, such as in RPGs, you might get a few minutes to play with, whereas in platformers you’ll get a hefty chunk of seconds to go back in time. It’s a lot like having save states, but you’ll have to rewind on the fly if you mess up, and it’s not certain if this means you’ll get to keep rewinding or if you get a limited number of tries as you progress.

It’s definitely a feature some players will have a use for, as some of the games on the Super NES Classic’s roster can be quite tricky, and then games players haven’t had their hands on before like Star Fox 2 may be full of surprises.

The Super NES Classic Edition launches in full on September 29 for $79.99, though you may be able to preorder a system if you can still find one out there at retailers who have already pushed their preorder pages live.


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