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Fast RMX’s Free September Update Adds on Six New Tracks

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Fast RMX’s Free September Update Adds on Six New Tracks

More tracks to blaze through.

Fast RMX on Nintendo Switch will be getting even more content this September, completely for free. Shin’en Multimedia announced today that they’d be adding on six new remix tracks, as well as two remix cups to the game. Additionally, Fast RMX will see its very first release on the Japanese eShop this September.

The six new tracks put the total for the game up to 36. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Fast RMX is a remixed version of Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U, a futuristic racer easily comparable to the F-Zero series. All 24 tracks from the previous game are included, along with 6 new ones on Switch. Of course there’s a lengthy campaign with 10 different cups to unlock as well as online multiplayer, making Fast RMX one of the Switch’s best online titles so far.

Fast RMX is currently available for Nintendo Switch via the eShop.


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