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Shenmue III Gets Its First Bit of Teaser Footage


Shenmue III Gets Its First Bit of Teaser Footage

She wore a bright yellow beret, the kind you’d see in a game of Shenmue.

It seems like forever ago since we first heard that Shenmue III was a real game with a real projected release date, but now we’ve finally got our first taste of teaser footage aheadd of Gamescom 2017.

Though it isn’t a very long video, it’s exciting to see things finally starting to come together as we get a look at what’s referred to as a “small slice” of a very early build of the game. We get to check out the characters’ new looks, how the characters themselves interact with the world, and other early perks that make the wait seem worth it after all these years.

Shenmue III is being published by Deep Silver and it’s getting both a physical and digital release, but if you haven’t played any of the other games you may want to go ahead and get it in while you can, because 2018 will be here before you know it, and this is one release you won’t want to miss out on. Also round up some sailors, because you never know when or what you’re going to need them for in the world of Shenmue.

You can check out the teaser trailer from Ys Net below.


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