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ReCore: Definitive Edition Lumbering Toward Xbox One This Month


ReCore: Definitive Edition Lumbering Toward Xbox One This Month

ReCore gets recharged.

ReCore Definitive Edition is real, and it’s coming to Xbox One and PC at the end of this month for a mere pittance. Just $19.99 will grant you access to a remastered version of the game with HDR support and enhancements for Xbox One X. It also comes packed with the new Eye of Obsidian expansion as well as the T8-NK frame.

If you missed out on the game when it first debuted on Xbox One, this is a great way to experience ReCore on a budget. It didn’t exactly debut to stellar reviews, but it’s an interesting departure if you’re looking for something new to add to your Xbox One repertoire.

It follows the plight of Joule, one of the only humans left in the in the world as she works with friends and befriends robots throughout the crumbling world where humanity has been all but eradicated. It’s a decent game, despite some repetition throughout the later stages of the game and some frustrating areas, but overall I enjoyed my time with it. It’s worth trying at its new discounted price, however, so I’d suggest trying it out.


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