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Pokemon Gold and Silver to Get Physical 3DS Releases in Europe



Pokemon Gold and Silver to Get Physical 3DS Releases in Europe

The nostalgia!

Pokemon Gold and Silver are two classic Pokemon games that were released back in 1999 for the Game Boy Color. The two games were met with critical acclaim and helped continue the growing success of the Pokemon games. Gold and Silver are set to be re-released on the Nintendo 3DS via the Virtual Console later this year and European gamers will be able to pick up physical copies of the games.

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that physical versions of the game will be released which will feature packaging in the style of the old Game Boy games. The packages will include a download code for their respective game and will be released the same day the game goes live on the Virtual Console, September 22.


The packaging is very similar to the original box art that was released for the Game Boy versions of the game except it now advertises it for the Nintendo 3DS rather than the Game Boy. It seems these are only confirmed for a European release so far so you’ll have to import one if you live elsewhere.


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