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RAID World War II Is Sneaking Its Way Onto PC and Consoles Soon

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RAID World War II Is Sneaking Its Way Onto PC and Consoles Soon

You’ll be killing Nazis in no time at all.

RAID World War II is a game that hasn’t been talked about much as of late, but Starbreeze Studios, the company that brought gamers Payday 2, Dead by Daylight, and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, as well as Lion Game Lion, have been quietly getting the game ready for a not so distant 2017 launch.

PC gamers can expect to get a digital download of RAID World War II first. The title will be available for Steam users on Sept 26. North American Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners can get RAID a bit later on Oct 10, while European players will be getting their console release on Oct 13.

Here’s some information about RAID World War II if you haven’t heard of it. Four prisoners of war are released by a mysterious British intelligence officer who is gunning for none other than Adolf Hitler as he leads the Third Reich toward world domination. It is up to this small but elite team to do everything in their power to weaken Hitler and his war machine as they enter the war and fight across Europe to bring a bit of chaotic justice to the Nazi party and its officers.

RAID World War II will place gamers in real world locations with a customized character and weapons they can modify as they play through various missions. And, much like Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 2, the title is a 4-person co-op shooter that will have you working as a team, even if that team does seem slightly dysfunctional.

Want to see more on the game? Here is a nifty trailer for you.

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