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Gearbox Announces a New Project Outside the Realm of Borderlands


Gearbox Announces a New Project Outside the Realm of Borderlands

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Gearbox, which is best known as the developer of the Borderlands series, has quietly revealed its next project. Like Borderlands, Project 1v1 is a first-person shooter, but it offers a twist.

Gearbox is working on a brand new project, a “competitive first-person shooter” called Project 1v1, which is described as combining “the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat” with the “metagame strategy of a collectible card game.” So in a nutshell, it’s a shooter with CCG elements. That sounds pretty interesting.

That’s just about all we know about the game thus far, however, as there have been scant details sent out about the game for now. There’s been a tiny amount of artwork as well as an email that originally went out to select individuals, but we can ruminate on what the game might offer for now before more details emerge.

Luckily there’s a technical test on its way out for the summer, and you can sign up to try out the beta on its official site. Only a small amount of players will be allowed onboard to test out what the game has to offer. The beta is meant to test out the game’s infrastructure while online and to gather information about what people think about it during its incubation period.

You’ll be able to chest out Challenge, Arena, and Ranked modes if chosen for the beta. You’ll need a Steam account to sign up, so if you’re interested you might want to go ahead and slip your name into the hat so you have some sort of opportunity before everyone piles on top of this. And remember, Project 1v1 is just a codename for right now. Gearbox has another final name planned for the future. It’ll be exciting to see what it’s revealed as.


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