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Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Launches this September on PS4


Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Launches this September on PS4

Feel the power!

Megaton Rainfall, an upcoming super hero simulation game from developer Pentadimensional, launches on PS4 next month, September 26th.

Megaton Rainfall can be played via PS4 or entirely in PSVR, and a brand new gameplay trailer shows off some sweet looking first person combat.

Flying high above a city, the trailer shows off the first person combat, as the player decimates hordes of alien invaders. Taking control of a protagonist that is described as an “indestructible interdimensional superbeing”, players are tasked with saving earth from impending doom. But you’ll have to be mindful of the destructive nature of your powers beyond just its offensive capability because they can also wreak havoc and destruction on the people you’re trying to protect.

The gameplay trailer shows off impressive destructible environments in scenes that look straight out of an Avengers movie. The scale is absolutely breathtaking, and Pentadminensional has made special mention of their intention to capture “the unprecedented freedom of movement” of a Super Hero. During the course of the game, players will be able to explore the earth by flight, and in certain sequences, fly into the stratosphere too. The trailer showcases some sweet looking space flight across the rings of Saturn.

Check out the trailer below:

Megaton Rainfall comes to PS4 and PSVR in September. A PC version for Steam is also in works, though a launch date has not yet been confirmed.


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