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Pokken Tournament DX’s Latest Trailer Showcases Darkrai’s Deadly Moves



Pokken Tournament DX’s Latest Trailer Showcases Darkrai’s Deadly Moves

A scarily versatile playstyle.

Pokken Tournament DX will be launching next month and we get a good look at one of the “new” fighters arriving in the game. A new trailer highlights the sinister Darkrai as it dominates the battlefield with an arsenal of devastating attacks.

In the short clip, it rips its poor opponent to shreds with moves like Nasty Plot, Nightmare, and Dream Eater. It seems like Darkrai’s playstyle will revolve around setting the pace of the fight while controlling space.

In the mainline series, Darkrai is known as the Pitch-Black monster that lures people and Pokemon to sleep before giving them nightmares. This is the last thing you’d wanna mess with on a dark and stormy night. Aside from Pokken Tournament DX, it’s also appeared in other titles like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series and Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Darkrai never appeared in the Wii U edition of the fighting game but was patched in the Arcade version instead. It will be making its grand debut in Pokken Tournament DX which is slated to release this September 22 on the Nintendo Switch.


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