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Hack and Slash Side-Scroller Icey Makes Its Way to PS4 This Week


Hack and Slash Side-Scroller Icey Makes Its Way to PS4 This Week

A side-scroller with a twist.

Icey, a Chinese developed hack and slash side-scroller previously only available on Steam, is on the way to PS4 tomorrow, August 8th.

In Icey, players take control of a young girl suffering from amnesia, moving her through the world of Ultimopolis toward her ultimate objective: to find a dangerous enemy named Judas. But there’s a twist. As the narrator guides you to your objectives, whether you listen to him or not is totally up to you. Only by ignoring the game’s narrator and exploring the world in more detail can players uncover its secrets.

Mark Xiao, a producer from Fantabalde, explains:

In the beginning, I started making Icey because I wanted to make a game that provoked players’ emotions in a unique way.

For example, if players were to enter Icey’s world and treat it as an action game, only to find that as early as the new player tutorial they could ignore the narrator’s directions, wouldn’t that be cool? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that the narrator was actually a real person who could be resisted and annoyed? We showed a few of our classmates an early demo with these ideas, and their response was overwhelmingly positive. As a result, we moved forward with producing the full version of the game.

Icey features intense hack-and-slash action, in which players must chain together combos and hit enemy weak points to effectively dispatch them.

You check out Icey in action below:


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