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GTA Online Smuggler’s Run Expansion out Now on All Platforms

GTA Online Smugglers Run


GTA Online Smuggler’s Run Expansion out Now on All Platforms

Remember that game for PS2? Now it’s a GTA Online expansion.

GTA Online got the new Smuggler’s Run expansion today, and it adds a ton of new content for airplane aficionados along with other cool items. Smuggling operations are at the center of this update, and you’ll get plenty of new tools to help in that regard.

Smuggler’s Run comes with new hangar properties that are customizable. When you buy them, you get a Cuban 800 plane, an aircraft workshop, an office, living areas, and a show floor to display your vehicles.

To launch the new smuggling operations, you’ll need to use the new Free Trade Shipping Co. app on your in-game phone. From the Cuban 800, you can upgrade to seven new aircraft that can be customized via the workshop at your hangar. You can improve their engines, give them better handling, and equip them with new weapons and paint schemes.

In addition to the new aircraft, two new cars have been added: the Vapid Retinue and Grotti Visione. There are also new clothing and tattoos for your to customize your character with.

There is a new adversary mode available in Grand Theft Auto Online Smuggler’s Run. Motor Wars combines Drop Zone and Penned In as up to four teams must parachute into a progressively smaller location to find a vehicle to take out the other teams.

With the new update comes weekly bonuses and discounts as well. Between now and September 4, if you log on you’ll get three t-shirts for free. There are also 25% discounts available on the Anti-Aircraft Trailer, Karin Technical, HVY Insurgent Pickup, BF Raptor, and Armored Boxville.

This time around the Premium Race is Gauntlet. You can only use Super-class vehicles, and the top three finishers get massive GTA$ payouts. Everyone who participates gets triple RP as well. The Time Trial is Casino, and there are major rewards for those who beat the target time.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on updates for GTA 5 single-player DLC, and it’s likely we’ll never see an expansion to the game’s story mode. GTA Online is a cash-cow, and if you’re not into the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, then your best bet is to wait until Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out next year.


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