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Harmonix Announces Music-Themed Super Beat Sports for Nintendo Switch


Harmonix Announces Music-Themed Super Beat Sports for Nintendo Switch

Groove to the sporty beat with friends or fly solo!

Harmonix has just announced a brand new music-related game called Super Beat Sports, a collection of five sports-themed mini-games for the Nintendo Switch. It’s planned for release this fall, where it’ll bring the music to you and up to 3 of your friends.

Though the game is based on real-life sports, as the announce trailer reveals, it’s all connected to music. So every swing, hoop, volley, and more will happen in tune with the music. You’ve got to stay on beat to really score big, much like the minigames in Rhythm Heaven, so if you’re already musically inclined, you’ll likely find plenty to love here.

You can use the Joy-Cons vertically or horizontally to play or the Pro Controller if you want a leg up on the competition, customize your character, and play across several different difficulty modes.

Honestly, it looks absolutely adorable and very charming, so it should be a treat to try out on Switch later this year. That system is in dire need of music games as it is, so this is certainly a welcome sight for sore eyes.


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