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Microsoft Is Open to Working With Nintendo on More Cross-Platform Play Opportunities

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Microsoft Is Open to Working With Nintendo on More Cross-Platform Play Opportunities

Gamers coming together is important to Xbox vice president.

Microsoft has been nothing but inviting when it comes to providing cross-platform play with their consoles. We’ve recently seen Nintendo being very open with online cross-play with games like Minecraft and the upcoming Rocket League; both games are able to be played with Xbox One and Windows players. Vice president of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, recently spoke to VG247 on opening up the door to other developers that want to see more cross-platform supported titles.

Coming from Ybarra, “It’s more about gamer choice, more about making an IP on our platform last longer. I don’t care about where they play, I just want people to have fun playing games because that’s just better for the industry,” said Ybarra. The demands of consumers and developers have changed, people are like, ‘we want all of our gamers in one multiplayer pool together, playing’. We totally agree with that. If any developer wants to have that conversation… Valve is right down the street from us, Nintendo is too – they’re like a block from us. We’re having these discussions as developers come up, and we’re completely open to that.”

Ybarra is totally down and open to bringing gamers together in one space. It seems that he doesn’t care about what platform you’re playing on, as long as you’re having fun doing it. Seeing someone in the industry talking so highly of other developers is really cool to see and we can only hope that other future Nintendo titles end up supporting online play with Xbox, PC, and even PlayStation users.


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