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Head to Junkertown With the Latest Overwatch Map, Coming Soon


Head to Junkertown With the Latest Overwatch Map, Coming Soon

Bring it on down to Junkertown!

It’s time to experience the Apocalypse and head to Junkertown, the former home of Overwatch’s Junkrat and Roadhog, in the latest map coming to Overwatch. The new Escort map can be found in the Australian Outback, cobbled together to be an apocalyptic arena where scavengers known as Junkers live. They’re led by their Junkertown Queen, and they’ll do anything to keep her happy.

The Junkers themselves are typically found scavenging the omnium’s skeleton for anything they can scrap or sell, but when they’re not doing that they’re taking on all comers in combat in the gladitorial arena known as the Scrapyard. Looks like when you jump on board to escort the payload you’ll be hanging out in these areas as well.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as though there’s a concrete date for when Junkertown will show up just yet, but you can likely expect to see it soon, either on the PTR or as an official addition to the game in the near future. To tide you over, you can preview the map in the official clip below, and check out the in-game short created just for this new map’s release. Either way, you’re going to start seeing a whole lot more of Junkrat and Roadhog, and that’s great for people who main those crazy guys. Zenyatta for me, all the way.


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