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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Entering Beta Before End of 2017


Stardew Valley Multiplayer Entering Beta Before End of 2017

Farming with friends.

Stardew Valley has been a massive success, and the game is set to get even bigger very soon. The long awaited multiplayer functionality is almost upon us and will be entering beta on steam at the end of 2017, before coming to all platforms in early 2018.

In a post released today, Stardew Valley creator Chucklefish outlined the implementation of the mode. The multiplayer will take the fun, charming world of Stardew Valley and let you explore it with friends. Once you enter your farm, three other houses will be erected. Each of these will house a farmhand that can be controlled by a friend, letting them share in your adventure.

They’ll be able to fight, farm, and explore with you. The primary player will still make the most important decisions, but teaming up with friends will make the valley life much more exciting.

The main work on the mode is completed, with Chucklefish establishing the proper network connections and rewriting almost 15,000 lines of code in order to fit the additional players into the well established single player.

The game grew after launch, releasing on Xbox One and PS4, with a Switch release planned for this year. New features were also added, giving players more to do as they built up their fantasy world. Multiplayer will help breathe new life into the title, introducing many more to its charms.

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